Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How I won Valentine's day

Ever since I quit campaigning I have found other ways to be competitive. Just ask my boyfriend what happened at Christmas. He will tell you that I "won" Christmas too early and ended up being disappointed before the day even got here. Sick, I know.

However, I find some kind of joy in seeing how far I can take the holidays. The problem with Christmas? I started too early. I planned, baked, decorated, shopped, baked, planned, decorated, shopped, and baked. I was clearly winning Christmas.

You see, when one is a former political campaigner they only know how to eat, sleep, and breathe the campaign. When I don't have a campaign to work on, and my boss tells me it's time to go home. "What, you don't want me to keep working?" I must find other ways to occupy my time.

With Valentine's Day, I took the "tortoise and the hare" approach. I didn't rush it, I put up some decorations here, bought a card there, and just a day before I decided I was going "all in." That means: homemade treats for the office, obnoxious "be mine" socks, free mocha from Starbucks, and an overall vomit of pink and red. Results? SUCCESS.

Case and point? I need a hobby...or a pet.

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